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Online Quran Learn is the best academy for your learning at level, at any time and from anywhere in the world. We are available 24/7 so, come and learn with US.

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Our Courses

Basic Noorani Qaida

This is very first step for Learning Quran and it is referred as the foundation for learning The Holy Quran.

Online Quran Reading

Reading Quran is the second step in learning Quran and it is also for those who want to improve reading skills.

Online Quran Memorization

Quran memorizing is very prestigious achievement and the learners are enabled to learn by heart very easily.

Online Quran Translation

Learning Quran translation is step forward in understanding the message of Quran in other languages i.e. Urdu, English etc.

Rules of Tajweed Online

Tajweed Course is for learning the exact pronunciations because improper pronunciation literally changes the meaning of the words.

Islamic Studies for Kids

Islamic studies course is for those who want learn the basic teachings of Islam beside special prayers (duas) for specific occasions.

About Us.

Online Quran Learn is a dedicated academy established since 2008 for teaching Quranic education online. Difference courses have been designed for catering the needs of learners at various levels. Learning Quran online with us is various level education from reading, recitation with Tajweed to learning by heart and understanding the translation (literal meanings) to focus on Tafsir (the contextual meaning) of Quranic teachings.

A separate course has been designed to teach the basics of Islam and the specific prayers (duas) taught and directed by Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Our teachers are equipped with requisite skills to teach online appropriately by using different type of techniques to make the learning easier and teaching effective.

Start Learning Quran Online

Online Quran Learn is teaching students effectively as it has designed different kind of courses for learners of various levels and the tutors have been employed with corresponding expertise to deliver to the students accordingly.

If you are looking for the Online Quran Tutors, We assure you Online Quran Learn is the best option for you.

Read Quran Online

Read Noorani Qaida

6 Kalimas in Islam

Noorani Qaida in English

Learn Namaz & Prayer Online

Fee (Hadiya) of the Quran

The below mentioned fee is implemented on Monthly basis for all courses after the satisfaction of Free trial session.


$ 0
  • Lecture Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Trial Duration: One Week
  • Admission: Free
  • 2nd Student: 10% Off


$ 40
  • Lecture Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Days: 3 Per Week
  • Admission: Free
  • 2nd Student: 10% Off


$ 55
  • Lecture Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Days: 5 Per Week
  • Admission: Free
  • 2nd Student: 10% Off

If they don't learn the way we teach, we teach them the way they learn

Our Specialties

It is the name you can trust. Our course are designed well and tutors have the relevant experience to fulfill your learning needs so, we take pride in being responsible for results if you complete the course with us. We offer services as per your comfort as well as requirement. We also provide feedback to parents if necessary.

24/7 Flexible Schedule

Time management is an uphill task now a days because even children have the busiest schedule of the day. Online Quran Learn Academy provides the services 24/7 making it flexible for student to choose the time slot as per their requirement and comfortability during the week and the day.

One-to-One Classes

Online digital environment provides the multiple options of engaging more than one student online for teaching but Online Quran Learn Academy provides the services of one to one for appropriate focus and attention to the learner no matter whatever is the age and level of learning. It makes learning easier.

Free Trial Classes

We at Online Quran Learn Academy are so confident on our expertise in online teaching at various levels that we dare to offer the free trial classes to satisfy the prospective student of the academy. It also help students to choosing academy with confidence, course and even time slot as well tutor.

Female Tutors

Online Quran Learn Academy care for the choice of tutor in terms of gender and there is flexibility to change the tutor if time slot or teaching method does not suit the student.

Multilingual Teachers

Quran Online Academy has multi-lingual teachers who can teach in other languages while remaining focused on Arabic pronunciations. We ensure that language does not remain the barrier in teaching as well as learning.

Anywhere, Any Device

We synchronize with various devices by using different apps for online teaching so that you have no worries either you have computer, laptop or any type of smart phone to learn online.