Learn Quran With Male Teachers

Without gender biases, males teacher are considered more effective female teacher due to their vast experience and length of time invested in learning the different aspect of Holy Quran. Thus, where gender is not issue, we recommend male teachers.

Male Teachers.

Without any regard for masculinity, males have been found leading in majority of the fields and same is the case for Quran learning, Quran teaching and learning message of Islam as they get enough time to invest in this process. Male teachers can easily manage to teach due night timing as the female teachers have to cope with other responsibilities at home. Male are most prominent throughout the world in reciting Holy Quran following the rules of Tajweed.
Male teachers have also another edge of extensive exposure with the people of different languages, cultures and backgrounds.

Male teachers have been assigned more duties as compared to fellow females therefore, it makes them more responsible, focused and attentive to the subject at hand. Therefore, for kid and male adults, Online Quran Learn Academy recommends the best male teacher having extensive experience of their field.

Our Male Staff is Mostly:



Highly Motivated

Rules of Tajweed Expert

University Graduates in Islamic Studies

Well Trained to Teach Quran Online.

Have Excellent Command On Different Languages

Our Teacher's Skills.

Our teacher have special qualifications in the different fields of Quran teaching. The main and key courses in their qualifications are:-

  • Noorani Qaida teachers
  • Quran with Tajweed teachers
  • Quran Memorization teachers
  • Quran Translation teachers
  • Islamic Studies teachers

Teachers have special expertise of Tajweed additional with the above mentioned specializations because pronouncing the words of Holy Quaran correctly in Arabic content because the wrong pronunciations or phonetics can change the meaning of words recited or taught. Thus, Tajweed starts from basics i.e. Noorani Qaida and goes up to the learning of Tafsir and Islamic teachings/ prayers. Our teacher take special pride in teaching the way of prayer.

Teachers for Adults and Kids

Our teacher has special expertise in teaching adults and Children in the different way. The teachers initially assess the level of students and then start gradually feeding their students as per their level of comprehensions, understanding as well as absorption of the learned words. The teachers are trained not to teach from their positon of learning but coming down to the level of their students.

Kids need to be dealt and taught in caring way so that they may not feel learning as a difficult task and uphill task rather they should keenly learn and remain interested in the learning process. Online learning is not possible until there is synchronization of frequency of teacher with the frequency of student thus our teacher make a lot of effort for it.