Quran is Sea, Everyone Get Benefits as per Capacity

Quran is similar to sea due to its vast subjects and the pearls of wisdom for the successful life here and hereafter. Sea waters are found everywhere in the world and the people as well as countries get benefits from it as per their capacity in terms of knowledge and technology. Some people having no tool just take water to quench the thrust and others having basic technology tools can catch fishes as well as other items of sea food. Some just remain close to get away the things brought to bank by sea waves. The developed countries search into the bottom of the sea and bring out the minerals as well as other natural resources like hydrocarbons.

Quran also benefits us as per our work and learning Quran. Learning to read Quran is a virtue and Allah rewards us for reciting each verse. Memorizing Quran is the next step for whom Allah has promised to reward with good on the Day of Judgment. It is pertinent to mention that reciting Quran as per the principles of Tajweed is not optional but it is compulsory to follow the rules of Tajweed even while reading as well as memorizing Quran.

The actual and final desired objective of the Quran by Allah SWT is learning the meaning of the Quran, going into detail known as Tafsir, and comprehending the actual message of Allah SWT sent through Quran for our better here and hereafter.

Learning the meaning as well as contextual detail for understanding message is not enough but it is for comprehension as well as preparing your mindset to transform our life as per the direction of Allah SWT, teachings of the Quran, and the way of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Re-engineering of mind as per Quranic teachings is the foundation for molding the daily actions of the body in life. This transformation takes place by deeply diving into the message of the Quran and remaining ready to change.

Here, if you have an expert guide, he can help you understanding the message/ teaching as well as transform the mindset applying those teaching and directions of Allah SWT. Thus, we assure you that Online Quran Learn will help you at every level for learning Quran, understanding Quran, comprehending the message and making up the mind after reconditioning it. Finally, taking the shape of direction in the form of deeds.

Allah SWT values the deeds more done specially for the cause of Allah SWT. Such a believer will be granted to heaven and we are your companion for the whole of this journey.

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